Luz Dianteira Lifeline Pavo 900lm

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The Pavo 900 Lumen Motion Front Light is a powerful unit designed to light up the road/ trails. The added feature of motion control is an intuitive way of prolonging battery life- halving the lumen output when the light/ bike comes to a standstill.


Experience cycling in a whole new light. The LifeLine PAVO MOTION high powered light range is designed to illuminate the roads and trails, so you can explore your favourite routes after the sun goes down. The precision lens and beam pattern give you a wide field of vision, while the high lumen CREE LEDs light up every rock, root and pothole in your path.

Motion Control brings new technology to the Pavo range. The light is fitted with a gyroscope which senses movement. When the light or bike comes to a standstill, the power output halves. This is ideal for commuters that have a stop-start journey or if you’re out on the trails and you’re taking a break. If you don’t want to use Motion Control then simply hold the power button down to toggle back to Constant Mode.

Constant mode is indicated by the lights button glowing blue. The light has 4 constant modes.
High = 100% / 720L
Medium = 50% / 360L
Low = 20% / 200L
Saving Mode = 13.8% / 100L

Motion control mode is indicated by the lights button glowing red. The light has 3 motions control modes. 2 flash modes follow the last motion control mode. In motion control the lights lumen halves when the light comes to a standstill therby prolonging the battery life.

Mode 1 MC = 900 L / 450 L
Mode 2 MC = 450 L / 225 L
Mode 3 MC = 225L / 112.5 L

Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to switch between constant and motion control mode.

Please note: LifeLine are in the process of a rolling change on the mounts and changing the mount to a 31.8mm/ 35mm multi compatible mount that does not include the rubber shim.

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