Panzer EVO 29′ Enduro/Downhill (un)

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PANZER EVO Anti-puncture Insert for 29” Enduro and Downhill. Includes 125ml bottle. of PANZER Tubeless Fluid.

WEIGHT: 90gr.



We recommend the use of the PANZER Tubeless Liquid, specific to optimize its performance to the maximum.

The PANZER EVO Tire Insert composed of the new 3GL MATERIAL, includes micro reinforcing sheets inside, providing greater structural rigidity, greater rim protection and greater durability. 20% lighter than its predecessor but with the same functionality avoiding cuts, punctures and pinches in the tires, but adding.

The new SHAPE of PANZER EVO with greater adjustment to the rim, provides more sensitivity and control in driving. Its even more waterproof surface prevents the absorption of Tubeless Liquid. PANZER EVO increases the clearance between the rim and tire compared to the PANZER CLASSIC, achieving zero interference between the tire and the grip of the terrain, thus avoiding changes in tire performance at low pressures.

It also allows you to continue to a repair point if there is a puncture or crack in the tire, a very important aspect for the most aggressive riders, who have a great advantage in being able to continue without losing options to finish or compete in the race.

· Increased control over the bike by reducing tire pressure.
· Protect your tires from blows by rolling at low pressures or even without air.
· Avoid cuts, punctures and pinches in your tires.
· It does not absorb tubeless liquid, it only produces a superficial impregnation.
· It is very easy to install, without specific tools, without technical knowledge.
· Does not interfere with the behavior of the tire.

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